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This book includes the world’s excellent landscape design cases of recent years. Apart from a large number ofexquisite pictures, there are planning floor plans, section drawings, hand drawings and detailed descriptions inthis book, presenting the concepts and design methods of landscape design in a profound way from multi-angles.The editor divides the design works into 8 chapters according to the landscape functions, i.e. Residence,Park andGreen Place, Commercial and Office Space, Culture and Education, Entertainment and Leisure, Waterfront andEcology, Roof Garden and Square and Street. This book specially carries out analysis for the design styles of everywork. There are not only concise and exquisite modern landscapes and classic landscapes with profound culturalconnotations, but also magnificent south-eastern landscapes and Japanese landscapes set off by bridges, flowingwater, pavilions, terraces and towers.With fine and smooth brushworks, the landscape designers delineate pictures of human beings coexisting inharmony with nature. It is about passion and imagination, about seclusion, benevolence and harmony. It is moreabout purity and perfection



Residence and Garden
Peninsula at Burswood
Lakeway Redevelopment
Renovation of outdoor areas Bispehaven housing estate
77 Central
Delft, Poptahof
Dubai Silicon Oasis Villa Complex
83 RedPath Condominium
Noble Cube
Farrar Pond Project – FlexFENCE
MD - Landscape design for a house
French Residence
Miller Residence
Shoreline Residence
100 springs
Modern Tea Garden
Garden in the Silver Moonlight
Vivier Residential Garden
House I
House O
House K
The Framed Garden
Moroccan Touch
Vanishing Point
Quattro by Sansiri
Crossing lines Landscape
Lacey Residence
Park and Green Place
Sunnylands Center and Gardens
The New Australian Gardens at the NGA Canberra
Botanic Garden Shanghai - Medicinal Plant Garden
De Nieuwe Ooster Cemetery
Quirijn Park
Town Hall Park at Kjenn in L?renskog
Fairlop Waters Park
Northala Fields Park
Mont-Royal Park's playground
Dzintari Forest Park
Urban Interventions For The Promotion, Management, And Planification Of Public Space In Torre Pacheco
West Seoul Lake Park
Via Regina public garden
Gardens of the Olympic Sculpture Park
Garden For A Nursing Home In Madrid
Nature in Waldkirchen
Norwood Park Water Playground
An Educational Recycling Park
The Quays Garden
Garden of Pine Woods
Walla Mulla Park
Prins Hendrik Park
Arena Boulevard / Amsterdamse Poort
Leiden Inner Gardens
Laroque Des Albères Cemetery
Culture and Education
The Raymond and Susan Brochstein Pavilion at Rice University
The Brockman Hall for Physics at Rice University
Campbell, Salice& Conley Residence Halls
Leeuwarden, Noordelijke Hogeschool
Gjerdrum High School
Gjerdrum High School
Prison Museum
The Anchorage Museum Common
Ocean County Public Library – BarCODE Luminescence
Commercial and Office Space
The Park at Lakeshore East
ConocoPhillips Woodcreek Campus Expansion
Urban redevelopment of the Plaza del Milenio
Google’s new EMEA Engineering Hub
Horizontal Skyscraper
Hospice Djursland
The Avenue
Little Rock Courthouse
Dunkin Donuts Center
City Square Urban Park
Sweet Tea
Central plaza Chonburi
Fibrogen Headquarters at Mission Bay

Entertainment and Leisure
Water Playground
Gaylord Palms Spa, Convention Center and Resort
Public Square Columbusplein
Playground Melis Stokepark
Van Beuningenplein
La Casa at Encanterra
Casa de la Flora
Sandals Negril Resort
African plains in the Dresden Zoo - Giraffes and zebras
Wuppertal Zoo - Tiger and lion enclosures
Waterfront and Ecology
Leeuwarden Zuiderburen
Heerhugowaard Park of Luna
Dover Esplanade
Tel Aviv Port Public Space Regeneration
Bradford’s City Park
Building Tirana’s GREEN Future: Tirana Northern Boulevard and River Project
Trafford Wharf Promenade
Riva Split Waterfront
Holstebro, Storaa Stream
Down To The Waterside In Bjerringbro
Emeryville Marina
Rotterdam, Westerkade and Parkkade
Battery Sixtus Restoration
Drava River 2012
Roppongi Hills
Namba Parks
Zense Gourmet Deck and Lounge Panorama
Hilton Central Pattaya Hotel
Thermal Bath, therapy and Hotel - Bad Gleichenberg
NPS Podium Roof Garden
Great Ormond Street London Hospital Roof Garden
Square and Street
Landscape Design Arena Centar
Bay Ship and Yacht Company
Plaza De Santo Domingo
Reurbanizacion Del ?mbito Urbano Del Río De La Miel
Square des Frères-Charo
Ricard Vi?es Square
Heemstede Hageveld Estate
Squares in Puigcerdà
Project in Ebro riverbank U12 Tenerías Las Fuentes
Redesign southern tan mill island, Berlin-Kreuzberg
A Square Outside The Walls
M?l?v Axis
Schandorff Square
Sundby Brygge
Aalborg Waterfront – Linking Port & City
Mathilde Square
Maaskade Cuijk
ChonGae Canal Restoration Project
Arena Boulevard / Amsterdamse Poort




  •     收纳的案例很多,设计新颖
  •     在同类图书里面算是一般,如果已经有这类书籍的的建议购买。。
  •     值得看看。,读来十分顺畅
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  •     绝对经典,专业性强
  •     内容一般,凯文林奇的书
  •     具有借鉴意义。,荷兰建筑很有特色~~书是全彩地
  •     我很喜欢。以后有需要还来。,思维很新的一本书
  •     不过很好,价格贵了点
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  •     专业的人都要看,正好里面的内容帮到我了
  •     这本书有比较强的实用性,凯文.林奇的书一直是建筑、城规的典范之作
  •     到今天还是很实用。经典就是经典,旧书
  •     对城市设计很有帮助。,分章分节介绍了聚落的各种形式
  •     案例和理论相结合,正版的书
  •     逻辑严密。,从中学到的很多
  •     赞一个,很值得买~
  •     此书比较专业,但是受益匪浅
  •     和老师讲的内容一样,乱七八招

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